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Metallographic High-Volume Planar Grinding Station

FORCIPLAN 352 Automatic Planar Grinder is designed for first step initial planar grinding of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens in specimen holders.

It is fast and efficient in providing high quality flat specimen surface thus saving time on the subsequent fine grinding and polishing steps. Specimen holders of up to 210 mm diameter having 10 specimens can be prepared in less than a minute with 350 mm diameter grinding stone. It can easily provide enough specimens for two or three grinding/polishing machines.

Uses the same sample holders with FORCIPLAN 352 Planar Grinder. Therefore, it can be combined with FORCIPOL 352 to increase sample throughput.

• High Sample Capacity

• Reduces Total Preparation Time

• Cost Effective Grinding

• Controlled Material Removal

• Automatic Dressing of Grinding Stone


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Technical Specifications

Metkon A.Ş.
Order No 44 00
Max. Sample Holder Diameter Up to Ø220 mm
Grinding Modes  - Time Mode
 - Removal Rate Mode
 - Final Grinding Feaure
Application of Force Central Force
Central Force Range 50 - 750 N
Grinding Stone Diameter Ø350 mm / 14"
Grinding Motor Power (S1) 4 kW
Grinding Stone Speed 500 - 1500 RPM
Grinding Stone Rotation Direction CCW
Grinding Stone Cleaning & Drying Standard
Head Motor Power 350 Watt
Head Motor Speed 50-200 RPM
Head Motor Rotation Direction CW/CCW
Grinding Depth Measurement Standard
Grinding Depth Range 0 - 5 mm
Automatic Dressing System Standard
Dressing Modes  - Dressing while Grinding
 - Dressing without Grinding
 - Dressing before Operation
Dressing Tip Diamond
Dressing Depth 10 µm - 100 µm
Dressing Period 20 s - 600 s
HMI Touch Screen 7" Colored Touch Screen
Program Memory 99 Programs
Barcode Scanner Optional
3-Lights Warning Beacon Optional
Recirculation Cooling Unit Optional, 80 lt
Coolant Level Sensor Optional
Dimensions, WxDxH 111x84x160 cm
Weight 630 kgs
Mains 3-phase, 400V, 50/60 Hz. AC


Accessories for FORCIPLAN 352
GR 1988 Recirculation Cooling Tank, 80 lt, for FORCIPLAN 352
YM 8813 Fine filter sheets for recirculation cooling tank (GR 0018/0019/1675/1945/1988), 10 pcs
GR 1559 Coolant level sensor for recirculation cooling tank
  Informs operator when coolant level is insufficient. (for MA and AA models)
GR 1540 Magnetic collector rod for recirculation cooling tank
GR 0140 3-lights warning beacon with audible signal
  (To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
GR 0665 Barcode Scanner for easy loading correct programs for different samples
YM 10781-00  Diamond Tip for Dressing Unit, FORCIPLAN 352/VELOX 102
GR 0440 Air filtering and lubricating unit
Specimen Holders for FORCIPLAN 352(Central Force Application)
46 45 Clamp type specimen holder, Ø 160 mm, 3 rectangular specimens with 40 x 70 mm.
46 71 Teardrop specimen holder, Ø160 mm, 6 specimens with 40 - 25 mm diameter
46 72 Teardrop specimen holder, Ø160 mm, 4 specimens with 52 - 25 mm diameter
46 77 Universal specimen holder for large and irregular shaped specimens, Ø160 mm
  with 6 clamping fixture
46 78 Universal specimen holder for large and irregular shaped specimens, Ø210 mm
  with 10 clamping fixtures
46 73 Teardrop specimen holder, Ø210 mm, 10 specimens with 40 - 25 mm diameter
46 74 Teardrop specimen holder, Ø210 mm, 8 specimens with 50 - 25 mm diameter
46 39 Clamp type specimen holder, Ø220 mm, 3 specimens for irregular shaped samples
  (Including loading plate)
Accessories for Specimen Loading
  Specimen Loading Fixture, to level the specimens within the
  central force specimen holders, without specimen loading
  Specimen Loading Plates
45 50 Specimen Loading Plate Ø160 mm
45 40 Specimen Loading Plate Ø210 mm
GR 2221 Recommended Set of Spare Parts, FORCIPLAN 352


Planar Grinding Stones for FORCIPLAN 352 (1 Pc)
PGS-NF 80-350 Ø350 mm, Planar Grinding Stone, 120 grit, for non-ferrous materials
PGS-M 80-351 Ø350 mm, Planar Grinding Stone, 120 grit, for medium hard steels & cast irons
PGS-H 80-352 Ø350 mm, Planar Grinding Stone, 120 grit, for hard steels & cast irons