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Geological Automatic Cutting Machine

GEOCUT 302-S is an Advanced Geological Cutting Machine that is ideal for sectioning of rocks, ceramics, minerals, glass, concrete and geological specimens.

• Modern and sturdy design
• Extraordinary access for easy handling
• Ability to use Ø250/300 mm diamond blade.
• Cutting capacity up to 110 mm in diameter.
• X-Y Cross table is available as standard for parallel and serial cutting.
• Linear Table Feed and Chop Cutting methods
• Various Clamping systems available for small to large size or irregular sample shapes.

GEOCUT 302-S is specially designed for cutting large and irregular shaped petrographic specimens. It offers the advantage of combining different cutting techniques and methods into the same machine to obtain superior cut surfaces for a broad range of heavy duty cutting applications.

GEOCUT 302-S has a robust and reliable design with low noise and emission levels. The modern and sturdy design with powerful 4 kW cutting motor ensures fast and efficient cutting through the hardest and complex materials with precise axis controls.

Z-axis Chop cutting

The specimen is clamped and the cut-off wheel approaches the specimen.

Y-axis Table-feed Cutting

Feeding the clamped specimen into a rotating cut-off wheel using a T-slotted feed table.

X-axis Parallel Cutting

Parallel serial sectioning in the x-axis with movable x-table.

Technical Specifications

Metkon A.Ş.
Order No 14 05
Model GEOCUT 302-S
Max. Wheel Diameter Ø300 mm
Max. Cutting Capacity, Ø Ø110 mm
Max. Cutting Capacity, HxD #70x200 mm
Z-Axis Travel, (mm) 125
Y-Axis Travel, (mm) 220
X-Axis Travel, (mm) 95
T-Table Dimension, (mm) (395+95)x275
T-Slot Dimension, (mm) 12 mm
Cutting Motor Power (S1) 4 kW
Wheel Speed, RPM 2800
Chop Cutting, Z- Axis Manual
Table Feed Cutting, Y-Axis Automatic
Parallel Cutting, X-Axis Automatic
Size WxDxH, (cm) 90x94x66.5
Weight 250 kgs


Accessories for GEOCUT 302-S
GR 1945 Recirculating coolant tank, stainless steel,
  55 lt. capacity, with pump, level indicator, hoses etc.
YM 8813 Fine filter sheets for ricirculation cooling tank(GR 0018/0019/1675/1945/1988), 10 pcs.
GR 1681 Cabinet for floor model - SERVOCUT 302/GEOCUT 302-S
GR 1682 FUMEFILTER Centrifugal Separator for SERVOCUT 302/402/GEOCUT 302-S
  Removes coolant mist for better illumination and viewing
  (To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
YM 8833 Spare Filter Kit for FUMEFILTER (GR 1682)
GR 0105 Laser alignment unit for SERVOCUT 302/GEOCUT 302-S
  (To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
GR 0991-01 Flange Set with larger diameter, Ø100 mm
GR 1680 Manual/Auto Table drive system with electromagnetic clutch (y-axis)
GR 0998 Extension Box for cutting long specimens from the left hand side opening, 50 cm length, for SERVOCUT 302/GEOCUT 302-S 
GR 1397-00 Water Filtering and Pressure Regulator System for city water inlet.
  Keeps the water pressure at the appropriate level and protects from sudden 
  pressure spikes. Filtering out impurities in the water and prevents calcification.
YM 3824-00  Spare Siliphos Cartridge Filter
  (for Water Filtering and Pressure Regulator System (GR 1397-00))
Clamping Devices for GEOCUT 302-S
GR 1811 Quick Clamping Device for round petrographic specimens
GR 1812 Universal vise for large specimens, rocks, etc.
15 08 KKP 040 Vertical Clamping Device, with clamp. shoe, GEOCUT 302-S/GEOFORM 102
Spare Part Kit for GEOCUT 302-S
GR 1963 Recommended Set of Spare Parts, SERVOCUT 302/GEOCUT 302-S


Diamond Cutting Discs for GEOCUT 302-S
DIMOS 19-252 ø 250 Diamond Cut-off wheels for hard petrographic applications (Geocut 302-S)
DIMOS 19-302 ø 300 Diamond Cut-off wheels for hard petrographic applications (Geocut 302-S)