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Portable Metallography





Portable Metallography

Grinding/Polishing & Electrolytic Etching Machine

MOBIPREP Portable Grinding/Polishing & Electrolytic Etching Machine

In-situ/Field metallography is widely used for microstructure analysis on large parts (samples) that cannot be easily carried or where destructive preparation is not permissible such as storage tanks, piping systems, power plants, etc. In-situ Metallography allows for quick on-site evaluation of a component. There are numerous advantages to using in-situ/field metallography.

MOBIPREP is a battery-powered portable Grinder / Polisher and etcher designed for metallographic sample preparation in the field or in the laboratory. MOBIPREP contains maintenance-free batteries to work without stationary mains and consists of a control unit and a precision hand-guided grinding-polishing device with a high-performance micromotor.

MOBIPREP’s hand-guided device can be used with either 45° or 90° angle or straight grinding-polishing pieces. The switch for ON/OFF is on the hand guide and provides a click sensation with a confirmation tone from the control unit when the switch is operated.

All accessories are supplied with hard case protection and a carrying bag where you have sufficient space to place your consumables. With the etching pen, MOBIPREP may be used for electrolytic etching. Thus working in the field with alloyed steels is possible which can be etched by weak electrolytes instead of strong acids.

•Portable and can be used on-site.
•Can be used to monitor the quality of purchased components.
•Nondestructive with Replica techniques.
•Replicas are ideal for both flat and curved surfaces.
•Ability to evaluate microstructural changes in a component during its lifetime.
•Wide range of application areas.

Technical Specifications

Metkon A.Ş.
ORDER NO 90 01
Voltages 36V or 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Speed 0-25.000 rpm
2 LED Indicator On / Low Battery
Output Voltage P1 - Polishing-1 (12 V)
P2 - Polishing-2 (24 V)
G - Grinding (36 V)
E1 - Etching-1 (6 V)
E2 - Etching-2 (12 V)
Disc Diameter 30 mm
Reduction Gear 3,9:1
Dimensions, WxDxH, (mm) 104x54x160
Total weight 1 kg


Accessories for MOBIPREP
90 10 Etching-Pen for electrolytic etching
90 11 Angle piece 90 °, with 3-mm collet on
90 12 Angle piece 45 °, with 3-mm collet on
90 13 Straight quick release piece of, with 3-mm collet on
90 14 Grinding and polishing carriers (5 pieces)
90 15 Shoulder bag for Mobiprep, synthetic leather


Paper Grinding Discs, Self-Adhesive Back (250 Pcs. Per Pack)
DEMPAX-P 90 20 SiC-grinding papers, self-adhesive, 250 pieces ( 30 mm), 80 Grit
DEMPAX-P 90 21 SiC-grinding papers, self-adhesive, 250 pieces ( 30 mm), 120 Grit
DEMPAX-P 90 22 SiC-grinding papers, self-adhesive, 250 pieces ( 30 mm), 320 Grit
DEMPAX-P 90 23 SiC-grinding papers, self-adhesive, 250 pieces ( 30 mm), 500 Grit
DEMPAX-P 90 24 SiC-grinding papers, self-adhesive, 250 pieces ( 30 mm), 800 Grit
DEMPAX-P 90 25 SiC-grinding papers, self-adhesive, 250 pieces ( 30 mm), 1200 Grit
Polishing Cloth Self-Adhesive (50 Pcs. Per Pack)
PORTO 90 26 Polishing Cloth (30 mm) for 0,25, 1, 3 microns (50 pcs.)
RADO 90 27 Polishing Cloth (30 mm) for 6, 9  microns (50 pcs.)
Diamond Pastes, Monocrystalline 
DIAPAT-M 39-301-M Diamond Paste, 0.25 Mic., 10gr. syringe
DIAPAT-M 39-311-M Diamond Paste, 1 Mic., 10gr. syringe
DIAPAT-M 39-321-M Diamond Paste, 3 Mic., 10gr. syringe  
DIAPAT-M 39-331-M Diamond Paste, 6 Mic., 10gr. syringe
DIAPAT-M 39-341-M Diamond Paste, 9 Mic., 10gr. syringe
Diamond Lubricant
DIAPAT 39-502 Diamond Lubricant, Water-based, 1.0 lt, bottle
Replica Set & Etching Consumables
  90 28 Cotton rolls (100 pcs) for electrolytic etching
REPLI 90 40 Replica foil 35 microns thick, to be used with acetone
  90 41 Microscope slide glasses